Private Home Rentals

House Number Owner Name Contact Number Max Guests Type
House 30
Alison Jamieson
7 beds plus 3x sleeper couch
House 54
Carol-Anne Pope
House 55
Tim Duncker
House 60
Sonnia & Andre du Plessis

* Bookings & Enquiries must be made directly with the home owners *

Private Home Rentals

Important Notes

  1. Quaggas gate entry fees are charged separately from private home rental fees and is due for payment prior to arrival at the gate.
  2. Visitors/Guests/Rentals are not allowed to bring pets to Quaggas.
  3. Visitors/Guests/Rentals are not allowed to bring quad bikes to Quaggas.
  4. Visitors/Guests/Rentals are not allowed to bring jetski’s to Quaggas.
  5. No vehicles are allowed on the beach or in the sand dunes.
  6. The sand dunes past house 61 is private land and off-limits for all vehicles.
  7. Guests must complete the form below and submit to the Quaggas office two days prior to arrival.

Guest Form & Information


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The loadshedding area for Quaggaskloof Waterski Club is the following:

Worcester Kwaggaskloof (4) 

Eskom Direct, Breede Valley, Western Cape